Rodeo Drive-In Theater

Rodeo Drive-In

This was the Rodeo Drive-In, located on the Old Nogales Highway near Drexel Road. If you look carefully at the screen tower, you will see what appears to be a door and window near the bottom. There was a structure attached to the front of the screen that may have been either a home for the owner or storage.

The features showing at this time were "Song of the Thin Man" (1947) and The Lady from Cheyenne". (1941) The Midway theatre, our second drive-in was built in 1948, The Rodeo was the third drive-in, built in 1949. The age of the features testifies to the difficulty that drive-ins had in getting movies to show during these years.

Note the mural on the screen. The cowgirl had a lasso that was neon and "twirled" at night.

This drive-in became our $2 a carload theater later in life then became a Spanish language only theater for several years before being closed and torn down in 1981. When this theater changed to Spanish language format, the Apache, located about 2 miles away at 1600 East Benson Highway became our $2 a carload theater.

This drive-in was originally located at 5101 South Nogales Highway. For reference, the city park called Rodeo Park is located at 5085 South Nogales Highway so the drive-was just south of it.

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