DeAnza Drive-In Theater
1401 South Alvernon Road
Tucson AZ
Movie Information (520) 745-2240
Gates open at 6:30 PM Movies start at 7:30 PM
Adults - $6.00 Children 12 and under free
FM radio required - No speakers in the theaters
Screen 1
106.9 FM
Screen 2
103.3 FM
Screen 3
88.7 FM
Screen 4
94.1 FM

screen1.jpg This is screen 1 of the Tucson DeAnza 4. This screen appears to be a Selby. It replaced the original telephone pole and plywood version which blew down in a storm many years ago.

These photos were taken on July 5, 2003.This shot is looking West, almost directly into the sun.

screen2.jpg Screen 2 to the right (North) of screen 1.

Note that it's a smaller version of screen 1 and appears also to be a Selby.

screen3a..jpg This is screen 3 which was added in 1978 to make the DeAnza a 4 screen.

Note that it looks very much like a billboard.

screen3b.jpg Another view of screen 3 from the side. Note that the road goes in front of it to get to lot 4.

There is no skirt on the bottom of this screen. It really isn't a problem as there are houses behind it and so no light from traffic glares into the theater.

screen4.jpg This is screen 4 on the southwest corner. Again, it looks like a Selby.

This screen and screen # 2 were added in 1977 to make the DeAnza a triple.

The billboard looking screen was added in 1978 to make a 4th screen.

This was probably in response to the now gone Syufy 4 adding a 5th screen around the same time.

pjbooth.jpg A view of the projection booth taken from lot #3 facing North.

pjbooth2.jpg Another view of the projection booth showing the snack bar and
screen #1.

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