DeAnza Drive-In Theater
1401 South Alvernon Road
Tucson AZ
Movie Information (520) 745-2240
Gates open at 6:30 PM Movies start at 7:30 PM
Adults - $6.00 Children 12 and under free
FM radio required - No speakers in the theaters
Screen 1
106.9 FM
Screen 2
103.3 FM
Screen 3
88.7 FM
Screen 4
94.1 FM

DeAnza41.jpg Someone asked about drive-ins with residential property next to them. Here is a shot of the two story apartments on the East side of the DeAnza.

All of the apartments have a view of at least 3 of the 4 screens.

This was taken in lot 2 at about 7:45 PM on May 30, 2003. By 8:30 PM, the lot was full. The movies were "The Italian Job" & "X-Men2".

DeAnza42.jpg More pictures of the apartments a little to the North.

That's my red 1970 XK-E roadster in the middle of the picture. Great car for those summer drive-in movies!

DeAnza43.jpg Balcony facing screen 1. By moving the chairs just right you could see screens 2 & 4 as well.

Screen 3 is at an oblique angle to this group of apartments so I don't think they could see that one.

DeAnza44.jpg This is screen 1 at about 7:45 PM on May 30, 2003. The movie showing was "Nemo". We had went to see "Bruce Almighty" the night before and "Nemo" was on screen 4, one of the small lots.

They moved it to 1 on Saturday as it is the old original lot and holds about 500 cars. It still sold out and they had cars parking on the near side of the poles, in lot 2 facing screen 1.

And cars were still trying to get in after 8:30 PM, a good half hour after the movie started!

DeAnza45.jpg This is a shot of cars coming in around 7:45 PM. That's screen 1 to the left in the background.

It's next to Alvernon way and cars were still lined up 4 rows deep at this point.

It's hard to get good pictures at this time of the day, especially facing West, into the sun. These pictures are actually stills off my camcorder.

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