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Apache Drive-In
Photo - 1991

The Apache was originally built and owned by the Benson Highway Theater Corporation whose owners were Ruth and J. Harry Agron of Tucson.

The theater was promoted as a "First Class, First Run Drive-In" in the opening day advertisement. Over ambitious and under capitalized, it did not get off to a good start and was bankrupt within 6 months of opening. It was later part of the Cactus Corporation group of theaters. Cactus Corporation later sold to a company known as the DeAnza Land and Leisure Corporation.

Apache Marquee
Photo - 1991

At one time, there was neon outlining the Indian and the arrow as well as the word "Apache". This marquee actually came from the Fiesta theater at 3200 South Park Avenue when It was torn down to make room for Interstate 10. The original Apache marquee was made of wood.

Apache DI - 1978
Photo - 1978

This rare B&W photo was taken shortly after the Apache was converted to a triple screen theater in late 1977.

The movies are "Saturday Night Fever", "American Graffitti", and "Smokey and the Bandit". Admission was $3.50 per carload.

They only listed the first feature of each double feature on the marquee.

Closed Marquee
Photo - Jan. 09, 1999

The Apache marquee after the drive-in closed. The other side was now covered with graffiti.

I drove by on Jan. 17, 1999, and the sign was gone. It had been standing guard since 1995 over a drive-in that no longer existed.

I discovered that the land now belongs to the Pima County Sheriffs Department which is to the East of the sign. They took it down because of the grafitti on the other side.

Main Entrance
Photo - Jan. 09, 1999

A view of the main gate originally leading into the two box offices, now long gone.

Main Exit
Photo - Jan. 09, 1999

Main exit gate. All that's left of a once proud theater, dirt and weeds. The Apache Drive-In was torn down around 1995.

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