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June 30, 2015

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Sorry but I do not ship internationally. Customs and shipping costs are prohibitive for International orders.

The last remaining manufacture of drive-in hardware has gone out of business.

The Drive-In Theater Manufacturing Company of Kansas City KS, later know as Speco-Usa ceased business sometime in June of 2013.

Their main focus was film handling equipment so the advent of digital projection killed them. However, they were also the last manufacture of drive-in speakers, junction boxes, and the supplier of many of the parts I carry.

A link to their history can be found HERE.

Most of the company assets were acquired by detroitdiecast.com.

I will continue to carry repair parts as long as I can find substitute suppliers.

It's sad but I think an era is ending. Many drive-ins closed over the last year due to the cost of switching to digital projection. One glimmer of hope is that a few new start-ups have been announced.

I have a new source for wire baskets for the RCA, Circlite, and Projected Sound junction boxes. At this point, I can have them made to order in any quantity.

Please note: There is a minimum order of $5.00. If your order does not add up to this, a $5.00 fee will be added. Small orders under $5.00 cost more in packaging and shipping materials than they are worth. Thanks for understanding.

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I use USPS Priority Mail for most shipping.

There are three sizes of flat rate boxes, small, medium and large with progressively higher rates. The flat rate option shown when you select shipping method is for the largest Priority Mail flat rate shipping box. Typically this would be used to ship a complete set of speakers with baskets or the sets with the long RCA junction box. Without baskets, the Circlite sets will fit the medium flat rate box.

Unfortunately the cart won't allow more than one flat rate to be shown. I will use the smallest size possible for the lowest flat rate and refund the difference if it is more than a dollar.

For very large orders where the shipping cost exceeds the amount calculated by the cart, we will invoice you for the balance. This is typically for orders of multiple sets or many heavy items.

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